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10 best luxury watches for men in 2020

2020 has arrived with a bang. We have barely scratched the end of the first quarter and it already feels as if the end of the world is upon us. The new coronavirus outbreak acting as an emergency brake for the entire industry, including watchmaking has also led to the cancellation of two of the most significant events for the luxury watches business – Baselworld and WatchesAndWonders Geneva (formerly SIHH Geneva). This has caused a stir among most watchbands whos entire marketing strategies revolve around said two events. The current stop of economic activities has forced brands like Patek Philippe to take a decision not to introduce any new models this year. Rolex has decided not to release new models at the moment while other brands may have delayed introductions of new models due to the replanning of marketing activities and vastly uncertain economic environment. However, we are not short of choice in some great wristwatches and why not pull the trigger? Facing the end of times could be a tad less intimidating with a quality watch on your wrist.